On Hiatus – Updated!


Update October 5, 2011: We are very sorry to announce that we are delaying the return of Playable Character for 4 weeks. We are not going away forever, and we are not going to extend our hiatus again. Our next episode will be posted on November 3, 2011 and it’s going to be great! We wanted to take a little more time to get things in order for Season Two so we are able to deliver the best podcast possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Hello everybody!

We have been on vacation. Well, not exactly vacation. We have been buffing up the podcast around the edges, lining up shows for the next season, scheduling interviews and hashing out ideas. We are working hard to brew up some stuff that will keep Playable Character unique and interesting.

Just so you know what the plan is: We intend to come back on October 6, 2011. That’s so soon! (There will never be enough time to get everything all ready for you!) We don’t want you to think that we’ve abandoned you or changed our approach. Surely not!

And don’t think that we think that you think that you have nothing better to do than to sit on your hands and wait for our next post. Not at all! We know you are very busy people who have all sorts of things to read and listen to. By way of holding your attention throughout the duration of our hiatus look for some Bonus! content to come along. We are digging out some extra footage, putting up soundtracks, and more. Hopefully those Bonus! posts will help keep us on your mind during the interval.

Thanks again for listening (and for reading). We look forward to bringing you some of the new cool things we have arranged. Expect Season Two to push the envelope even further in terms of what a gaming podcast can be, or at least what THIS gaming podcast can be.

As always, keep in touch with us on Twitter, or on Facebook. Give us a rating in iTunes. And tell all your friends to catch up on the back catalog before we begin the next wave of new episodes!

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