Soundtrack: Season One Music Mix


In the midst of our hiatus, we wanted to give you a little something to remember us by. So here is a music mix from our first season. Check out a sampling of tracks we used in pieces throughout the first season, from the very first episode to the very last. As always, we thank the artists who make their music available for use on our podcast. We highly recommend you follow the links to their sites, download their music, go see their concerts, and generally support these independent artists.


Music by:

“Like Analogue” by Monoiz and is available here.

“Complesso Tecnico Disadattato” and “Musica Per Anziati Cosmonauti” by Cobol Pongide, courtesy

“The Crunk Alphabet” by Covert.

Of course we feature a couple songs by DJ Funken Wagnalls.

And our friend David Logan made some very nice tracks for us.

Kaddish for Salinger by KarmaHackeR is licensed under a Attribution.

Faster Than the Eye Can Perceive by DJ Rkod is licensed under a Sampling Plus.

I dunno by grapes is licensed under a Attribution (3.0).

Dub Baby by BonesUK is licensed under a Sampling Plus.

“Bit Pop” by Shael Riley from the compilation, Rhyme Torrents vol. 3.

Parappa the Rappa 2 Contest rap by Karl Strode aka Kaptain Buzz courtesy GamesFirst!

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