FWR Archives: Erik Loyer Plays Us Like a Fiddle


Ruben and Lullaby


Erik Loyer of Opertoon joined us for a talk in September of 2009. The first Opertoon game, Ruben & Lullaby, was released earlier this year via the iTunes App Store and has received attention for its unique method of narrative delivery and implementation of interactive musical elements. We quiz Erik on the direction of digital narratives, control schemes and their emotional impact, and the potential for music games outside of the Guitar Hero model. Unlike Ruben & Lullaby, there is no possibility that we break up at the end of this episode, even though Shawn does end up shaking Trevor like a snow globe. Thanks to Erik for joining us and thanks for listening.

About Shawn Rider

Shawn Rider is a gamer, artist, writer and web developer. He currently runs technology for PBS Education during the day and plays games at night.