FWR Archives: Stephanie Rothenberg on Play as Digital Inquiry


Double Happiness Jeans Installation


In June of 2009 we were joined by artist and educator Stephanie Rothenbergfor a conversation on the importance of play. Stephanie runs an online training simulator/spoof and a virtual jeans sweatshop, The School of Perpetual Training and Invisible Threads, respectively, allowing us to discuss everything from the effects of varying input methods to the exploitation of the gamer hive mind. We question the necessity of gadget fetishism and the receptivity of the gamer community to criticism, as well as definitions of “play” and “work” and a few things in between. Thanks to Stephanie for joining us, and thanks to you for listening.

About Shawn Rider

Shawn Rider is a gamer, artist, writer and web developer. He currently runs technology for PBS Education during the day and plays games at night.