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Press Start to Continue by Mike McNary

First, we were gamers. We grew up with games and learned about ourselves through them. Interactive representations were as valid to us as any other form of representation we had experienced. Understanding the limits and possibilities of virtual worlds taught us to probe the limits of physical and intellectual spaces. Inside these virtual worlds we formed opinions, made emotional connections, and developed ideas that shaped us. Pixelated landscapes became places where we could explore our relationship with the outside world.

Later, we had some ideas about art and social relevance. We realized that games were a powerful tool for communication and artistic expression. In an attempt to deepen our understanding of the ways that games affect us, we started a podcast.

After an extended hiatus from podcasting, we reevaluated how we wanted to present our thoughts about games. We loved podcasts but were hesitant to pile on another show that followed the industry on a week-to-week basis, only discussing topics that were at the forefront of the hive mind. Taking cues from our favorite audio programs, we decided to create a show that was not primarily focused on roundtable discussion, but instead on the thoughts and views of individual contributors. These individual contributors would form a mosaic that presented a broader view of games, gamers, and game culture; a mosaic that would hopefully expand the way we represent ourselves and the medium that we love.

Welcome to Playable Character.

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