002: Magazines, Mines, and Classroom Practice


In this show:

Shawn Rider interviews Jamin Warren about the ideas behind Kill Screen, a game culture magazine.

David Carlton discusses ideas from his Minecraft blog about architecture and the perception of labor.

Trevor Dodge speaks with Michael Abbott of Brainy Gamer about the experience of teaching games as an art form.


Ttransition music by DJ Funken Wagnalls.

Kill Screen segment music is “Like Analogue” by Monoiz and is available here.

The Minecraft segment features music by C418 from the first Minecraft soundtrack titled Minecraft – Volume Alpha available for purchase here. Clips from these tracks, in order:

  • “Wet Hands”
  • “Dry Hands”
  • “Minecraft”
  • “Équinoxe”

The music in the Michael Abbott interview is by Minusbaby, titled “Algzèbres, Pts. N – Z” from the album Derecha and is available for free download here.

The outro track is “Bit Pop” by Shael Riley from the compilation, Rhyme Torrents vol. 3.

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